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Tabaal Popcorn

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These beautiful bowl are crafted from high-quality, heat-resistant silicone, so it won't melt in high temperatures with a strong bowls wall that stands on its own without support.
This fun popcorn maker allows you to make a single 30g (1 oz) portion in one go, so it should put an end to arguments over who has eaten more than their fair share on movie nights. It has an integrated measuring guide in the base and lid flaps that conveniently open when the popped corn is done and reaches the top of the maker + it's very durable and easy to clean.


Material: heat-resistant silicone.

Size: 3.15(Diameter)*5.7(Height).


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Customer Reviews

Based on 963 reviews
easy and convenient, perfect for one

This is pretty great, after a little trial and error I have a good system in place.
With butter at the bottom it's around 65 seconds for 30 grams of popping corn, and with coconut oil it's 70 seconds. My microwave is Joe microwave from Home Depot, nothing fancy.
Yep, one of the flaps pops up during popping and some corn pops out...we keep our appliance clean ;) in there so I'm not bothered, I just scoop it up.
There are a few unpopped corns at the bottom, but that's to be expected.
As far as serving size goes, I don't require a bucket of popcorn so this suits me perfectly, making approx 2.25-2.5 cups of popcorn. I put around 2-3 grams of butter curls at the bottom, and it's a great 100 calorie snack.

Where has this been my whole life?

I find myself actually making (GOOD) popcorn now regularly with little-to-no oil. These are so easy to use, though I have messed it up a couple times, once I got the hang of it, these are incredible.

Also, if you haven't tried some coconut oil + nutritional yeast + other favorite seasonings, you are missing out, this hands down makes my favorite popcorn and only required a tiny bit of oil with these guys.


After reading all these other reviews I approached my first use with some trepidation...but it worked fine! I put two tablespoons of popcorn in it (relatively fresh as I just bought it yesterday, which may be part of the success) , spritz of oil, and cooked for about 3 minutes (I have a pretty old microwave). Almost all the kernels popped and only about 5 escaped the container. Nice bowl of popcorn! **** I edited my review to add - this also turns out to be a great container to microwave a single serving of oatmeal. You can put 1/4 cup of oatmeal, milk, fruit etc. in it and cook in the microwave and it won't boil over.


As a total popcorn addict, I'd been spending far too much money on prepacked bags. These individual microwave popcorn makers could not be simpler to use and are saving me a fortune.

After many enjoyable experiments, I have finalised my popcorn making routine. Add raw kernels up to the line, a light splash of vegetable oil, a very light dusting of salt (pre ground in a pestle and mortar,) shake to mix, then into the microwave.

The instructions say that you should stop the microwave when the top pops open, but I've found that you can keep going until there are 2 seconds between the pops to maximise popped kernels. Note - this only works because my tiny microwave acts as a lid and stops the popcorn flying everywhere!

Result, a perfect individual serving of popcorn, no need to decant into a serving dish, just enjoy.

In summary, this is the best thing I've bought in ages and well worth the money.


I'm a huge fan! There's a SLIGHT learning curve, but you figure it all out after once or twice. The flaps stay down if you put the correct one on top. Also, occasionally the corn pops out b/c it's easy to put too much in. BUT it's delicious and EASY and my entire family uses this almost every day. A win! 5 stars

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